What do you play?

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  1. farmerboy
    I'll start things off - I play uke (obviously), guitar, guitarron, melodeon, melodica, accordion and lots and lots of percussion. I'm a music teacher, but I used to work in a music shop where I was in charge of all the 'ethnic' instruments and percussion.
  2. Dibblet
  3. MatthewVanitas
    My main instrument is Appalachian dulcimer; ran a bunch of workshops trying to popularise the instrument while up mucking around in Newfoundland. Got some good media coverage, sold about 20 instruments at-cost, as well as taught a half-dozen more folks that already had their own dulcimers they didn't yet know how to play. I mainly play it in the old modal, droning style.

    I also play tinwhistle, melodeon (single-row button accordion), concertina (mainly Hayden-Wicki duet keyboard system), Persian fretless dutar, mandolin, fretless Appalachian banjo, and I recently picked up a set of Swedish bagpipes (sackpipa)
  4. allanr
    Blues harp (30+ years), plus some flute and hand percussion (bongos, shakers, tambourine). These days the uke gets almost all of my attention - but a harmonica or three is almost always in my pocket at uke jams.

    But, I love esoteric and interesting musical instruments of all kinds. I wish I had the time and ability to learn everything!
  5. farmerboy
    Dibblet: This sounds like a cross between a rauchfife and bombarde in the description. Am I close? Do I take it you have some Hungarian roots?

    MatthewVanitas: sounds like you've got a good number of instruments! What tuning box do you play? My degree was in melodeon, so I get a bit nerdy about stuff like that. Is it cajun, quebecoise or what? I have about 5 different boxes, but my main ones are the D/G Castagnari Mory and an old B/C/Csharp Hohner Echo (80 bass). I'd love to play a fretless banjo. I take it you play frailing style. Sackpipa are nice - how're you getting on with it?

    Allanr: I've tried blues harp and despite playing melodeon have never felt very comfortable with it - not got the tongue action. I can play a tune on it, but not very well. Jealous. I also seem to spend most of my time on the uke and have just started taking it to the local folk session (not the Irish one), along with my "real" instruments - melodeon and whistle.
  6. brickerenator
    Guitar, melodica, dulcimer.

    Attempted to play the mandolin, but it didn't suit me.
  7. darkwater
    Stuff with strings, in addition to ukes: Irish bouzouki, mandolin, guitar (acoustic & electric), baritone guitar, tenor guitar, 5-string banjo, tenor banjo, cavaquinho, charango, mountain dulcimer
    All sorts of ethnic hand drums and percussion, Native American flute
  8. Dibblet
    @farmerboy. I've no Hungarian roots. In fact I'm originally from just up the road from you in Morecambe. Nice place to come from . I play clarinet as well and came across the instrument when I was working in Vienna a few years ago. It took me about 10 years to get hold of one. It's loud, but not as loud as a bombarde or rauschpfife. The nearest common instrument would be a soprano sax.

    Here's a recording of me playing it http://www.box.net/shared/2coym5lhq6

    I'm play electric ukulele and keyboards on there too.
  9. farmerboy
    Dibblet: Great sound! what's the fingering like? Fully chromatic by the sound of your recording.
  10. Jake DPR
    Jake DPR
    I play Bass, Ukulele, Guitar, Chord Organ, and Mandolin. I am kind of an instrument junkie haha
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