Show me your PINEAPPLE!

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  1. Ahnko Honu
    Ahnko Honu
    Please post pictures of your pineapples in the album, and tell us why you were drawn to this special breed of ukulele.
  2. haole
    Always loved pineapples because they look delicious, sound a little different, and are distinctly Hawaiian.
  3. Ukeffect
    I like that they are different, and it rounds out my collection! Hey Ahnko...found one of those Melokia (KPK clones?) you were looking at!
  4. Teek
    I think because they were born to dance to a different strummer! The have a rounder and mellower sound, are easier to hold and fit nicely, and they just look distinctively Hawaiian. The look like they are born singing sweetly in Hawaiian, and the figure 8s are borrowed from another culture and have that mini guitar thing going. The pineapple doesn't, plus one can actually fit a cool illo of a pineapple of it. Classic!!
  5. Teek
    oooh, haole, I wasn't trying to steal your lines, I just posted and realized you said the same thing first. But you're right!
  6. P-co
    I haven't got one yet but it will definitely be my next uke. I just love their quirky look,don't know about any sound difference yet. Do they have flat or rounded backs or either?
  7. P-co
    Just ordered a pineapple Eleuke today. Should get here in a week or so and will be the first in Australia. I'm hanging out to try it.
  8. the52blues
    Just new to uking...bought my first uke last week - a Kala Jazz archtop I bought a Kala pineapple....what next?...oh yeah...I wanna U-Bass too...
  9. Jody123
    I love the warm sound that the large round body creates and pineapple's look great and are comfortable to hold. My first soprano was a cheap as chips pineapple and it's still my favourite uke (but don't tell the others).
  10. NikePenguin
    I love the pinapple shape! I really wanted to get a Lanikai LU-21P for my first uke but couldn't find one locally. I have my sights set on a KoAloha pineapple though. Everyday I have to fight the urge to go to the local ukulele shop and buy one. Maybe when I am less of a beginner I will go get it.
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