Anyone own a tenor Bruko to recommend?

  1. Dionysis
    Hey folks, looks like ages since postings to this group, but here goes. I am changing my stable from concert heavy to mostly tenors. I have a long scale thin body soprano that I love, even though the action is kinda high and couldn’t be lowered without shaving down the bridge, or lifting and trimming it on the bottom and re-glueing. I had a soprano thinbody that was great too.

    i am sure among the variety of woods and designs Bruko makes there are winners and there are sinners. I see Bruko as great value for the money. I love my Koalohas and Pono Pro Classics, but thought it might be interesting to add a tenor Bruko. Does anyone have one to recommend? How would you describe the sound? Is the action nice and low?

    Thanks for considering, Dennis
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