I just posted my long neck soprano flamed maple Bruko FS

  1. Dionysis
    If you are looking for another Bruko, this one is very nice. I know I will miss it, but I have too many very nice ukuleles and need to pare down.

    Here's a link. I hope this isn't off topic, apologies if it is.

  2. Dionysis
    I tried to upload some photos here, but it will only look for photos with a url. I'll try to find a way around that. But she's a beaut! Flamed maple top, back, and sides. All the ones on the Bruko site right now that have flamed maple use a different wood for the top. I don't know whether the ones like mine just sell out, or if they prefer the other woods for the top. But this one has a sweet pure soprano voice and immaculate construction. Light as a feather and packs in an overhead suitcase. Action at 3mm, very easy to play. Geez, why am I selling it, I must be nuts! I decided to either let it, or a Fred Shields Backpacker go, and the FS is louder and has more low end, and is a little smaller, so I'm keeping that one.
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