Mahogany,Cedar or Mango???

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  1. craigp
    Xmas is on it's way and so is my mainland concert with gold friction tuners and amber knobs but which wood?.
    Only having heard them on youtube I'm in a bit of a dilemma,I love the punchy sound of the red cedar and the mellow tone of the mahogany but am I getting the better quality sound if I pay the extra and opt for the mango?
    I understand that beauty is in the ear of the beholder I would greatly appreciate any advice given.
    Thanks in advance for any reply's
  2. marymac
    I just ordered a Mainland Mango Concert last week. It's supposed to be here Thursday so I'll let you know what it's like when I get it Craig. This is my first Mainland so I won't be able to compare it to the other woods.
  3. craigp
    Thanks Marymac, it seems to me to be the most attractive option Thanks for taking the time to reply and I hope your new uke lives up to your expectations(I'm sure it will).
    I will keep an eye out for your post.
  4. marymac
    Ok, I got my Mainland Mango Concert Uke! It's a beauty. The workmanship seems excellent - no kludgy edges like I found on the fretboard of my Kala (which I otherwise love.) The tone seemed extremely subdued when I first unboxed it but cleared up quickly when I started playing. I think that even the small amount of playing I've done in the 1 day I've had it has really opened up the tone pretty quickly.

    One thing I did was change the strings though. I liked the way the Aquila strings sounded on it but Aquilas are pretty tough on my fingers so I changed the strings to Worth Clears. Wow! The uke now has a nice ring to it. Note to self: order more Worth Clears.They make all my ukes sound great (at least to me!)

    (continued in next post)
  5. marymac
    (continued - since this exceeded the 1000 character limit...)

    As far as comparisons, I don't have any other Mainlands to compare it to so I can't say if the cedar or mahogany is different. Certainly the mango is the mellowest uke I have now, similar to the Kala acacia tenor which is pretty mellow too.

    Compared to my KoAloha soprano - the KoAloha is still head and shoulders above it in tone quality and overall resonance, but cost a lot more.

    Compared to my Kamaka Pineapple soprano - the Mainland has a more jovial sound while the Kamaka is more silky and woody at the same time (it's the koa!) Again, though, the Mainland holds its own for a whole lot less moolah.

    I did a few audio recordings to compare the tone of each uke as I changed the strings on them to Worths so I'll try to get the mp3s of the Mainland with Aquilas and Mainland with Worths posted tomorrow.
  6. craigp
    Thanks Marymac
    I placed an order for my Mango Concert this morning,nice to hear you seem very happy with yours,I have only used Aquillas but they do seem to do me a bit of fingernail damage so I will try a set of Worth Clears.
    I will let you know how I get on with it when I get it although that may be after xmas unless I can get around the wife(any tips).
    Thanks again for taking the time to reply.
  7. craigp
    Hi Marymac
    I've had my uke for a couple of weeks now and am very impressed with it though the wife hasn't really let me have it much as its for xmas. It has been to a couple of drinky nights in my ukulele club ( shameless plug there,, where it has had a lot of possitive attention, in a room full of people all playing different stuff it really rings out so, as you can tell I'm very happy with it. It's a stunning looking thing and in my opinion it competes very well against the K's and the Ohanas I have played with.I've not tried the Worth Clears as yet but I am interested to hear the difference.
    Thanks for your information and advice
    Keep in touch
  8. marymac
    I'm glad you're enjoying your Mainland Craig! I lent mine to my nephew last week and his mom says he hasn't stopped playing it since. I put a low G on it and it really sounds great with that too. I'm keeping an eye out for the new banjo ukes that Mainland is coming out with sometime soon. I still like the Worth Clears are still fantastic but I also like the Southcoast strings now too.
  9. bgrif
    I received my Red Cedar Concert this week and it is sweet. Great "medium" tone with sustain that goes on forever. Smells great, too!
  10. craigp
    I still love my Mainland after a couple of months it seems to get better all the time, Lots of sustain and volume. Everybody who has had a dabble on it loves it( I wish they would keep their greasy paws off) it draws a lot of admiring glances and uke envy too. The smell thing sounds a bit freaky but mine still smells great too, not that I'm into uke sniffing.
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