What sounds best on a Banjo Uke in your opinion

  1. Jnobianchi
    I already know what I like to play on my banjoleles (music from the 20s), but I'm always surprised and delighted by what people are playing on their banjo ukes. What are you playing on yours and what do you think sounds best? Post video if you can!

    Here's what I'm playing lately:


  2. the52blues
    I play Sweet City Woman and Gentle On My Mind. Anything that already uses a regular banjo sounds good on a banjo uke IMHO.
    Here's my Sweet City Woman vid....such as it is....
  3. Uke Whisperer
    Uke Whisperer
    "Formby" sounds best (Learning "Cleaning Windows" and hoping [trying to figure-out chords for GCEA] to learn "You Can't Love Two Girls at The Same Time")
    I like the BlueGrass sound too (Learning Under "The Double Eagle" (beginners version, straight picking for now)
  4. barefootgypsy
    I agree - Formby numbers; old, old songs - the mood and atmosphere are so right, they just belong together! And regular banjo music. I don't think the banjo uke lends itself to more modern stuff, like the Beatles or later - (modern? - you know what I mean!) - but I'd be happy to be proved wrong on this!
  5. barefootgypsy
    Hmm, what am I playing on banjo uke - Leaning on a Lamppost, Five Foot Two, and just started trying to get my head round the instrumental bit from "She's Got Two of Everything", (courtesy of johnnyfoodstamp). Practising the split stroke........I'm trying to learn Ken Middleton's arrangement of Wildwood Flower on my regular uke -

    No videos - yet - sorry!
  6. barefootgypsy
    Here are some old songs I think would be great on a banjo-uke. They're all from the 40's or before.

    I've Got Rhythm - Gershwin
    Sunny Side of the Street (Grab your coat and get your hat...)
    Chattanooga Choo -choo
    Bei Mir Bist Du Schon (sung by the great Al Bowlly)
  7. LloydAZ
    I love hearing ragtime played on the banjolele - 12th Street Rag, Maple Leaf Rag, etc.. I don't play well enough to even begin to attempt any of this though.
  8. Down Up Dick
    Down Up Dick
    I'm still whacking away at Clawhammer, and I like old timey banjo music too. Sometimes I just chord songs.
  9. Edwin McCravy
    Edwin McCravy
    Anybody play chord melodies on a banjolele? That's my specialty. I use a low G. Play a Deering Goodtime tenor banjolele.
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