Rochester Ukulele Support Group

  1. engravertom
    I went a week a go Thursday, and had a great time! It was great to meet mailman and guitharsis. I brought my whole family, and we were warmly welcomed, even though we were late, and a large family. When we go places, it is kind of like locusts descending from the sky!! My wife and I are blessed with 5 Children, 4 of whom were able to participate with the group. My wife and I took turns holding our youngest.

    We all had a great time!

    I'm not much of a strummer, so it was good to get some practice in, and pick up a few tips.

    The group meets at Bernunzio's the first Thursday each month, at 7pm.

    Hope some of you other folks can come out sometime.

    take care,

  2. fitncrafty
    Sounds like a great time Tom.. I am more mid state.. and we have a little group in Schenectady its a lot of fun too!
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