Problems with mainland uke???

    Hi there! Within certain time I purchased three ukes from Mike: 1) tenor red cedar, 2) concert mango and 3) soprano mahogany. When ukes arrived they were perfect! I keep all mu ukes in hardfoam cases. Today I noticed that two ukes 1) tenor and 2) concert have problems - the uke bodies started unstucking - I mean the top deck started unstucking from the side. I don't know what to do? Shall I claim to Mike?
    One can say that this problem could cause by climate, however all my Lanikai ukes are perfect during long time....
    Thanks for your advises!
    Mike! Will you comment or give any reply?
  3. marymac
    I would contact Mike on Monday at work and see what he suggests. Probably the only way he could evaluate is by looking at them but he may have advice for fixing them yourself.
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