How to buy new Tangi Ukuleles ?

  1. yoshio
    Aloha there,
    I'm a newbie ukulele player live in Taiwan/Taipei ,
    I got a used Tangi Koa Ukulele last month (from ebay), It was made at 2008 and it has a number "39" inside the soundhole , I don't know what the no# mean.
    It is not in very good condition, .... it's a used uke , I told to myself , but it's sound was still pretty .
    All my friends and myself love the Tangi , after they test the Tangi some friends ask me how to buy a new one ?
    I was wrote about 4~5 email to Mr. Tangi the couple weeks but Mr.Tully never feedback ...
    How can I buy new Tangi ukuleles in other way ?

    Anybody who know Mr.Tangi Tully please pass the information to he , that somebody like the Tangi so much , and hope to get a new Tangi ukulele .

    Sorry for my poor english , hope you can know what I say
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