Hey guys! You guys want some money?

  1. Myala509
    I am going to start selling those wrist bands in the next coming week or two. I was going to just give the proceeds to Save the Music until I found this group. Are you guys still active? If so, is there a way that I can send you guys the proceeds from the bands and you guys can use it to donate ukes to kids? Is there a system set up to actually get ukes to kids?

    I really like this idea better then donating to the Save the Music. I would like to expand this further then bands if this is something that ends up being successful. I would like to start selling bling or maybe even full on ukes for charity in the future!

    So let me know what you guys think! You guys want some bands that say "Ukes 4 Kids" with all the proceeds going into this program?
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