Which Ohana(s) do you play?

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  1. strum4ever
    Hey guys!

    I own a Ohana Vita, which I like a lot, the geared tuners are great. I'm tempted to add the solid Zebrawood soprano to my collection soon!
  2. ukeshale
    hey strum4ever. I also have the vita - i think it's wonderful value for money. A loud, great sounding uke. Not had any issues with mine.

    I love the look of that zebrawood! So nice!

    BornAgainJeeper has a sopranino that I was really impressed with too! Check out his youtube channel and see for yourself!

  3. strum4ever
    Thanks for the link ukeshale, I'll check it out. Yeah, Ohana has I lot of great bang for your buck ukuleles, I just don't have the money or the room to own them all.
  4. tshirtandties
    I own a Ohana Soprano SK-35G
  5. ukeshale
    That's a nice uke, man! I know it gets Ken Middleton's seal of approval and that's good enough for me off to play some ukulele in the garden!
  6. jmmquah
    I have a CK-35G and its just great - they are fantastic value for money
  7. Uke Republic
    Uke Republic
    Ohanas are great. I am quite fond of the sopranino myself.Mr. Wu of Ohana really makes nice loud instruments. The Zebra woods are very beautiful and sound a bit like rosewood. Who knows we may see Zebra pineapple.
  8. ukeshale
    i agree, i ADORE the zebrawood - unfortunately though, i'm no longer an ohana player i'll be getting a new one at some point this year though i hope!
  9. Uke Republic
    Uke Republic
    Ukeshale I hope you become reohanaized! They do make nice ukes. CK-65D is another 2009 Ohana model that rocks. If any of you get a chance to play one you will understand. The bright spruce makes this one sing and it looks unique with the side sound hole and multi-wood fingerboard.
  10. ukeshale
    I will do. I'm gettin a mainland mango concert in september and then hopefully i'll replace my vita around christmas time - i'm really tempted by the sopraninos but i also love the look of that zebrawood
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