Where to buy?

  1. Doktai
    Hello, fellow Canadian ukers,

    I'm a Torontonian who picked up the ukulele not too long ago, but can't really find a good place to pick up a quality ukulele. I have a guitar background, so I know a few music stores, but was wondering if there were any especially good ukulele shops around?

  2. Dachdoggie
    wondering if there were any especially good ukulele shops around?

    Quick answer.......No!

    I live in the Vancouver area and there is nobody selling quality ukes.
    By quality I mean Kamaka, Koaloha etc.
    Forget Long-Mcquade.
    I would suggest you place a want add in your local Craigslist.
    I was able to buy a white label Kamaka soprano recently for $250.
    You never know what somebody has in their basement collecting dust.
    Of course you can always go to Hawaii. Ukuleles everywhere there.
    Good luck
  3. Ciaran
    I am also in the Vancouver area and I got a cheap soprano from www.empire-music.com...quality isn't profound but they are really cheap! ..and it delivered in 3 days
  4. grubblybubbly
    i am in vancouver too, and tom lee music has a couple good quality pono ukulele's and a applause uke. prussin music on broadway and alma has some kala ukes in the $100-$300 range. and... that's it.
  5. the52blues
    Hey Dach, I wouldn't rule out Long & McQuade completely, at least for beginners or first time buyers although they haven't got much in stock they are willing to bring some in for you to look at. I know they have the cheapie Denvers but they also sell Fender, Mahalo and Kala, maybe not your high end ukes but for a first uke you could do worse. I really like the Fenders with the Tele headstock, at least, for their looks. I haven't played one yet and the reviews are mixed - like anything else. Ask ten people what is the best uke and you will get 10 different answers. The Fenders and Kalas are over $200 so they are not that cheap for a first uke.
  6. the52blues
    Well....Fender let me down. They misread the popularity of the uke when they made their first batch and they are out of stock and will try to squeeze in another run in May or June. Just as well. I just found a gorgeous Kala Jazz arch top at Broadway Music in Orangeville. These people are really into the ukes and have about 30 in stock all the time. Apparently Kala has discontinued their arch top and Broadway has 2 left. One in black and one in sunburst. I just put a hold on the sunburst one and hope to pick it up this weekend. They also have a uke meet up on Sunday afternoons. If you are in the Toronto/Brampton?MIssissauga areas check out Broadway Music. It looks like they are THE place out this way to get a good uke.
  7. fumanshu
    Hi Doktai! If you ever come to Montreal, just drop me an email, I do have ukes, from Koaloha, Kanilea and customs.

  8. the52blues
    I just recently started importing a few custom ukes and a new line of Canadian banjo ukes. I also make a bit of music theme jewelry and things so I recently launched a new e-commerce site. Check it out and let me know what you think.
  9. Jim Yates
    Jim Yates
    http://stringalongukulele.ca/ The Stringalong Ukulele Shop is run out of a house on the Dundas escarpment, but has some good quality ukuleles and can source the ones they don't have for you. They also have a good supply of strings. I've bought Worths and Aquilas there. They bring in some talented folks to give workshops as well.
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