#15796, The 0X Bamboo mislabeled with a Style 1 Centennial label.

  1. ukuleleden
    This ukulele was shipped to Martin dealer "Music123". First noted on UU by member Ukecaster, it was returned because of it being an error. In my own attempt to purchase a Style 1 Centennial, I came across an available model at Music 123 and ordered it. When it arrived, I immediate recognized it as the exact same Ukulele that Ukecaster posted photos of.

    I later learned that Martin initially wanted the error Style 1 Centennial 0X bamboo returned, but after I expressed interest to keep it with Music 123 discounting it as an "open-box" stock 0X Bamboo, Martin approved of it being sold at retail.

    So I am happy to have this unique 0X Bamboo Centennial in Natural since I likely would have purchase a regular 0X Bamboo down the road anyhow.

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