What do you play?

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  1. bassfiddlesteve
    I also play upright bass, electric bass (4 string fretted & fretless, 5 string and Kala U-Bass) and acoustic guitar.
  2. Lalz
    Hello! I used to play a bit of castanets and kora when I was younger. Now I'm getting back to playing kora a bit and starting to learn mbira and glockenspiel. I'd love to learn the jeli ngoni too (4 strings hehe!), but they're hard to get a hold of. Otherwise I play electronic stuff but I guess that doesn't count ;-)
    Update: just started playing the surdo. Lots of fun!
    Update #2: does tap-dancing count?
    Update #3: add marching snare and drum kit, remove glockenspiel.
  3. JustLovely
    I play ukulele, autoharp, and bell kit. At least I try to!
  4. Pippin
    I play acoustic guitar, bass, harmonica, bow psaltery, renaissance flute, pennywhistle, recorder, keyboard, various percussion instruments & hand drums.
  5. myrnaukelele
    I play upright bass, guitar, mandolin, banjo uke, soprano uke and baritone uke.
  6. Tootler
    I play Recorders - all sizes sopranino to bass plus contrabass, anglo concertina, harmonica, wooden flute & whistle.

    Oh.....! and ukulele
  7. Ukeval
    my main instrument is lute (and lute family : vihuela, renaissance guitar, theorbo, baroque lute and baroque guitar).
    romantic guitar (on original instruments)
    little harp (diatonic)
    diatonic accordion
    five strings home made banjo, banjoleles
    and ukuleles...
  8. k0k0peli
    My first string instrument was a mountain dulcimer -- I use to build those. For the last five decades I've mostly been an acoustic guitarist, although I also own jazz, rock, bass, cigar-box, and Hawai'ian electrics. My other lutes: banjo, mandolin, uke, banjo-mandolin, banjo-uke, and two Cümbüş o'uds, one each fretted and unfretted).

    Recorders, pennywhistles, bagpipe chanters and ocarinas: I'm terrible there. I tried trombone but do better with conch shells, shofar, and trumpazoo. I diddle a couple kalimbas and pound on bodhran and tabla. I've started noodling on an East German concertina, and I have a few keyboard synths (analog & digital) but I'm no keyboardist. A melodica should arrive this week.

    Ah, mouth organs. Blues harp for 50 years, sure, but also chromatic, orchestra, and twin-reed (echo and octave) harmonicas too. They're always with me.

    I seem to have lots of ethnic percussion and noisemakers scattered about the house too. Guess I'm an instrument junkie.
  9. maki66
    Hello everyone.
    I play Anglo concertina and tin whistle, neither very well.
    I own PA accordion, A two row diatonic button accordion,
    a couple of Irish style concert flutes, ocarinas, but I can't play them.
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