Booli's Signature Did It For Me!

  1. AlohaKine
    Hello All,

    I was chatting with Booli the other day, and then his signature caught my attention, which took me to his Help & FAQ Page, and there I read about the Fluke and Flea ukes.

    I really like what he had to say, really impressive.

    I really like the looks of the Flora Ukelyptus, looks like the sound hole in the shape of the plumeria, neat.

    I plan on getting one of these in the near future.
  2. Booli
    That's great and thanks for the kind words!

    When you get one of these please let us know and either post here (which is pretty low traffic) or over on the Magic Fluke Appreciation thread and share your thoughts.

  3. AlohaKine
    They have a bunch of them on Amazon, but not the Flora Ukelyptus I was looking for.

    When I get a chance and I'm ready, I'll contact them to see if I can get one of these off Amazon.
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