1. Dulcilo
    Does anyone have Worth or other flourocarbon strings on a Fluke? Mine came with Aquila, but they are so "fat" that I am looking for a thinner string. I think a thinner strings will be easier on my strumming nails and might sound brighter too. Sometimes I think my Fluke is too mellow sounding.
  2. Booli
    I've got Worth Browns Mediums (low-g) on my concert Flea, they seem thinner than the Aquila to me, and in fact much clearer and brighter (and NOT darker like so many have said). You can actually check the string gauge thicknesses for Aquila here but you have to scroll down all the way to the bottom of the page where it says "Aquila ukulele gauges & tensions", and and the same info for all Worths strings (not just Browns) is here, and again you have to scroll down.

    The Aquila is listed in metric units and the Worths info is listed in imperial, so you will have to do some conversions to get the info the line up.

    The Worths also seem to have a bit more tension, which I prefer.
  3. Dulcilo
    Thanks for the info, Booli.
  4. Lillymo
    I'm a big fan of fluorocarbon.

    I initially tried an Oasis Bright High G set on my bubblegum Flea. Good feel, tone and projection but they disappeared against the pastel top.

    Aesthetics are a part of the appeal of the Flea so I switched the clear set for Worth Brown Tenor BT. They look terrific, I like the feel of the gauge and the sound. Worth tenor strings are 63" long, enough for 3 sets on a soprano Flea.

    I've read positive comments from UU members about Fremont Blackline on Fleas, I'd like to see how they compare to Worth BT.
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