Fans of the legendary DEACH

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    all hail deach !
  2. Ive_Ben_Crazy
    but hail hurts... how about cotton instead...
  3. faithtruthlove07
    Whoo hoo!! I'm the hundredth member
    well then i guess cotton shall suffice... all COTTON deach ?? lol
  5. Capt Amazo
    Capt Amazo
    Greatest group evar (the bouncer has no taste though, he let me right in).

    Deach, if pure awesomeness ever had a child, I'm sure it's tied up your house somewhere. You are without a doubt the Buddha of the uke. keep rockin dude!!
  6. Rainhill
    I only got to find out about Ukes after seeing some Up Yours Deach vids on YT. This inspiration put George Formby, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ricky Tomlinson and Jason Mraz (all born within 20 miles of my town....well, maybe not Mraz) in the shade.

    Thanks for bringing to my attention something wonderful, which has sat so close but unseen for over 30 years.
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