Sold my PTK-1 :(

  1. Teek
    hopefully the new owner, who is a member here, will join the Pono people. It sure sounded happy with him. It had the nicest tiger headstock faceplate too. A sweet uke, I know it will get played more now, especially with the Worth Clears, anyone not happy with their strings who hasn't tried these, give them a go, they're really nice on a Pono.

    I'm downsizing because my arthritis kicks up more and I have an extra job, and I hate for them to sit. I don't have the time to practice even a 1/4 as much as I want, my life has been too busy with other people's drama and cleaning up messes. But it's still good! I may eventually actually make it down to only 4, well 5, I want to keep 2 sopranos.

    Now I gotta go leave the whore group too because I'm down to less than 10!
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