Your First Baritone

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  1. ubulele
    My first baritone (in fact, my first uke) was a Kala KA-B (basic laminate mahogany), which I picked up from craigslist for $100, including soft case, leather strap, two books and extra strings. I was really looking for a concert, but I knew eventually I'd want two concerts or tenors and two baritones, tuned both reentrantly and serially. I was surprised by the KA-B's sound and spot-on intonation—hard to beat in its price range—, so I couldn't pass it up. I've been very happy with it, though it's now largely been supplanted by a Lanikai S-B (solid spruce top, rosewood back/sides; another unpassable bargain) and a Kala KA-ASAC-B (solid acacia top back and sides; that was a bargain, too). The Lanikai has become my reentrant bari, which makes it sound less guitary and also reduces a wolf tone it's prone to.
  2. Rodney.
    My first was a Makala with living water strings. My second and current is a Romanian made solid spruce top Hora.
  3. Jandante
    Our first baritone choices, after much browsing, were out of stock in Australia, so I had to send O/S and they arrived last week.
    I opted for a Cordoba 20BM, and hubby a Kala KA-SMHB with the slotted headstock, his second choice after a Pono which just worked out too dear.
    We are very pleased with them.
    Of course the freight is a killer, and also the low Australian dollar.
  4. Bombay Mick
    Bombay Mick
    Hello fellow baritoners!
    A couple of months ago I bought a Flight NUB310 as it's inexpensive, yet has some nice features, and a gig bag, for about £95.

    although it was tuned DGBE in the shop it didn't feel right - the strings felt slack and some chords sound just plain WRONG.

    When I tuned it up to GCEA it sounded much better - but I already play a tenor with a low G!
    After some negotiation the shop gave me a set of Aquila baritone strings (steel D and G) and it plays properly tuned to DGBE - happy days
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