What do you teach?

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  1. Jim Yates
    Jim Yates
    Howdy, I'm a retired elementary school teacher and I have taught everything from Kindergarten to grade eight. I retired 13 years ago and now teach guitar, mandolin, banjo and ukulele at our local music store and I have a few students at home on ukulele and dulcimer.
    I play ukulele, guitar, banjo and mandolin in the Maple Leaf Champions Jug Band and eclectic acoustic music on various instruments with a friend in Kirby & Yates. I sometimes sit in with a Bluegrass group when their mandolin player can't make it.
  2. actadh
    I teach communication studies at a community college in Ohio. I have face-2-face and online sections.
  3. amtraum
    I teach uke at a Waldorf school charter in Sonoma, Ca., and have a uke club after school in addition to other private students. I also recently released a two-part video on Homespun Music Instruction called Ukulele for Guitar Players. It's a really fun lesson that will hopefully turn guitar players like me into uke enthusiasts. I started playing Ohana ukes this year and absolutely love my new cute, cuddly friends!
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