Who has a mango?

  1. NatalieS
    I'm trying to save up for a mango as my next uke. I'm either looking for a tenor or a concert pineapple. Let's hear what you love about your Pono mangos! What kind of strings do you use, what's the tone like, post your pics, etc.
  2. allinfun
    We've got a tenor, and ordered a concert pineapple. Our impression is that the sound is quite lovely, it carries more bass than treble when it comes to sound, and if you strum too hard it can muddy out on the tenor. I do not like the Ko'olau strings with mango, especially if you have dark hands as you have to put a ton of energy into the upper range to get the sound to balance out nicely. We had good luck with Aquilas, worth clears, Freemonts. Basically the brighter strings seemed to work best on the tenors.

    The concert pineapple however appears to be a slightly different beast. The smaller size balances well with the rich sound of the mango and so far I really like the sound I've heard come from the instrument.
  3. shanmoon
    It's an old threat here but I just got a Pono deluxe mango baritone. Trying to decide on tuning for it, low g or standard bari.

  4. Kenn2018
    I left my Pono MGT re-entrant. I like Low-G LivingWaters on most of my tenors, but when I tried it on the mango it just got too "mellow." Tried a couple of different strings and settled on Worth Browns.
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