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  1. musicmonsterw
    Hi, everyone! My name is Ronin Wong. I live in Vancouver, B.C. We have a local Vancouver ukulele Circle which meets every 3rd Tuesday. If you're ever in town, please look us up.

    I am a pro actor, musician, and music teacher. I play and teach piano, guitar, and I sing as well. My friend Ralph Shaw, a world-class ukulele player, inspired me to play the uke. It became my "fun" instrument. Piano and guitar were fun too, but they were also professional tools.

    This February, I performed at the 2010 Winter Olympics. The organizer wanted to see a band playing rock songs featuring an amplified uke. We played 11 shows at various sporting events including figure skating and ice hockey. It was great fun and it was the first time I played a pro gig on the uke.

    I have uploaded videos of the songs we played. These were all filmed on the same morning, at an outdoor rehearsal on Feb 5.

    Here's one:

  2. UkÚDan
    Wow Ronin that's really good. Hope you had a great time playing at the Olympics. I know, I'm chiming in a little late......
  3. Tantal
    For me I was in a music store buying new strings for my daughter's guitar when I saw the Uke on the wall. I always loved the sound from listening to IZ and such, but not being very music inclined, it never occured to me to try it out... until that moment. I was curious and it was cheap ($30 Beaver Creek one). So I got it and loved it. I am still an extreme novice as this was 3 weeks ago, lol.

    Slowly learning, and it is fun.
  4. fretie
    Hey gang, where are you all now?! This group doesn't seem to be overly active at the moment...well, perhaps that's not a big surprise given how not-so-obvious these groups are when you first come to the forum.

    I've been playing the uke since Dec 2011 and really enjoy going to the uke circle meetups here in Vancouver, BC. Lucky for me I actually get to play in some of the same meetups that Ronin also plays at...cool!
  5. Jim Yates
    Jim Yates
    I live in Port Hope Ontario, about half way along the north shore of Lake Ontario. I've been playing guitar since about 1960 and also play mandolin, banjo, Autoharp, mouth harp and various other instruments. My newest instrument is the ukulele. I was at a party 5 or 6 years ago and a guy named David Newland was there with a metal resophonic uke. I showed some interest, so he said, "Would you like to try it out?" I'm sure he meant for a song or two, but he had to play guitar for the rest of the night. Soon after that I got a uke of my own and I have since bought the very ukulele that David was playing at the party. I play in The Maple Leaf Champions Jug Band and this is the first musical group where I have actually played a ukulele.

    The tenor banjo I'm playing in this photo is strung with nylon strings and, with a capo at the second fret, is tuned gCEA.
  6. Dwjkerr
    I'm in Vernon BC at the moment, and for the last 30 years. I'm no great musician, have a broken down mandolin which I never really got the hang of. A couple years ago I bought a cheap Ukulele, and kind of liked it. I did some amateurish set up on it and got it sounding better. Did the same with a Mahalo, and played around with a few other Mahalos. Despite the rumours going around, Mahalos aren't that bad, or I got real lucky with the ones I bought. I've got two Beaver Creeks now. One a solid top soprano, and the other a concert. And I'm still no great musician.
  7. colemole
    Hello all from Moose Jaw SK. Any players close by???
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