1. Snaky
    Hey Guys 'looking for some feedback on different strings , apart from Aquilla, being used on the Coco's, if you have done so... cheers Tiki
  2. VoiceofTJ
    I have Aquillas on the Soprano, Worth floros on the concert, D'darrios on the tenor, and wound/Aquillas on the baritone. My favorite to play is the tenor, but I don't know how much of that relates to the string choice.
  3. Lillymo
    I have a Super Soprano and wanted to try low G tuning. After some googling I chose fluorocarbon for the C, E and A strings: Worth Clear CM. The G is a silver wound string Mya-Moe uses for low G soprano or concert: D'Addario NYL026w. Sounds pretty great.

    Update 6/12/19: My initial enthusiasm for low G on my Cocobolo Super Soprano faded. In retrospect, low G never quite worked on this ukulele. I switched to the high G that came with the Worth Clear CMs. Definitely better than the Aquillas it came with, but not the perfect pairing I hoped for - still looking!
  4. FuzzeeSock
    I have Tenor #313. The WBT on it that came were good. But i found the treble side still too bright on attack, for my ears and style of playing.

    Tried the following:

    D'Addario Carbon low G = full sound, still bright, thick Low G creating a big Ummpfh, but nice on fingers, compared to Worth, which cut into my fingers.

    Living Water Low G = Very nice feel, but squeeky, on the quiet side, and trebles still too bright.

    Luthier Super Carbon Low G = Nice feel. Very flexible, good warm bass and mids, trebles a tad warmer than previous, but still twangy on certain notes. Could be just the hardness of cocobolo in general.

    Worth Brown Fat Low G = super lush, bell-like, very round ( i prefer round for jazz and fingerstyle ), took the edge off the trebles and beautiful sustain. Good volume.

    *11/19 Update

    Fremont Black Low G = Best so far! Really opened up, very lush. I've been keeping my tuning down half step, which sounds much better to my ears anyway.
  5. YogiTom
    Very good thread! I have a teak model, and have yet to change out the stock WB set. They sound awesome to my ear.

    That said, I’m planning to put a Fremont Low G string on, as I prefer my concerts/tenors tunes linearly. For fingerpicking, I like having the spread of the voicing rather than having strings 1 & 4 be just a whole step apart.

    I’ll report back after the swap has settled!
  6. Snargle
    My cedar-topped Cocobolo Concert still has the original Worth Browns on it. I've had it for seven months and it gets played regularly so I imagine I'll change them out fairly soon. I'll either stick with the WBs or, if I feel adventurous, a set of Living Water strings.
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