Why Myrtle as a Tonewood? by Gordon@Mya-Moe

  1. Hammond
    Watch Gordon@Mya-Moe talk about Myrtle as a Tonewood:

    Now, what is your thought about Myrtle wood?
  2. ukeingal
    I have a beautiful Ohana Uke ck80 with a cedar top and Myrtle back and sides, it is a beautiful tone and the sound is sweet and mellow, the sustain is good and the volume as big as I need. The figuring is so pretty and ive seen other examples of this model which look completely different. This is another benefit of the infinite variety of Myrtle wood grain. Its sustainable wood too brilliant !
  3. Hammond
    Hi & welcome ukeingal! I agree all you've said.

    Since Myrtle is hardwood, as back and sides, I feel it provides well internal sound reflection similar to other hardwood (i.e. rosewood, maple). Such as nice overtone (sustain).
  4. Dionysis
  5. Dionysis
    Hopefully by the time anyone reads this I will have sold it. But the videos remain, so you can hear this beautiful tone wood in action.
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