What I like about being a grandpa.

  1. Papa Dave
    Papa Dave
    What is it that you like most about being a grandpa?

    1) I call it "papa's payback" I can spoil the grandbabies and then send them home!
  2. kailua
    Unconditional love! And the pure joy that it brings.
  3. Jim Yates
    Jim Yates
    I love seeing my son in his daughter's face. I love seeing her look at him with all the love in her heart and seeing her face light up when she sees him. They have not lived together since she was born.

    What do your grand kids call you? My sons called me "Papa" and my grand daughter calls my son "Papa", so this has always meant "Dad" to me. My sons have never called me anything but Papa, though when they introduce me, they say, "This is my dad, Jim."

    My grand daughter calls me Grandpa Jim and my wife Grandma Maggie.
  4. Jim Yates
    Jim Yates
    I just rediscovered this group. Since I was here last I've become a grandpa again. Mickey is my new grand son, one grandchild from each of my two sons. Here is Grandpa Jim, Lila and Mickey; my screen saver.
  5. Jim Yates
    Jim Yates

    Mickey always wants to play this uke when he comes for a visit. It's relatively indestructible, but he knows how to treat musical instruments.
  6. Jim Yates
    Jim Yates
    Here's Lila with her first electric. She wanted a guitar like her dad's, even though it's kinda big for her. Her dad is a Tele guy, but this Strat was pretty reasonable and played nicely... and it's RED.

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