Fancy or plain?

  1. the52blues
    I have a nice variety of instruments. As I look at my axes I notice every one of them has something fancy and unique about them. They either are unique wood selection and/or fancy inlays or bindings. I will be the first to admit the inlays or gold tuning pegs have very little to do with the sound and, of course, bells and whistles cost extra but I love the look just as much as the sound. When I first started playing guitar I saw people playing Martins, Gibsons and Taylors and saying what a great instrument they had but to me, especially Martins, they are boring and plain to look at and only mildly better (and in many cases not) sounding. I just won't pay thousands of dollars for a plain old a matter of fact...I have looked at the Martin ukes and for the life of me I can't see the attraction nor the price for those things...OK I got that off my chest. So how about you? Does your axe need a little "pretty" to make you happy?
  2. darkwater
    I own both plain and fancy, but I always go for sound and playability first. One of my favorite instruments is a ratty Harmony tenor guitar. I was first drawn to my Kala jazz archtop uke because of the visual appeal.
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