Show me your PINEAPPLE!

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  1. appleuke
    Im getting a LU-21P as my first ukulele :D
  2. NikePenguin
    I wanted the LU-21P for my first but couldn't find one locally.

    Bought my KoAloha today!
  3. v30
    I'm quite new to the ukulele. I've always loved the sound of the ukulele and figured I'd pick up a cheap one and try it out. I've since purchased a LU-21p and am working on a Ohana pk-25g. I really prefer the look of the pineapple shape and love how compact and portable the soprano's are. Maybe one of these days I'll get a chance to leave my northern home and hit the white sandy beaches of Hawaii with a tropical drink in one hand and the pineapple uke in the other.
  4. MangoMon
    Can we stay in the club if we sell our one and only pineapple? I have to give up the Koaloha pineapple.
  5. molokinirum
    Posted some of my pics. Got a vintage Kamaka Pineapple. Has some cracks and I am in touch with the Kamaka people about possible repairs and the date of the uke. Some people I have sent pics to stated that they believe the uke to be from 1928 - 1935. Currently no strings.
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