do you pimp your dolphin?

  1. mzkittypr0n
    Do you decorate your dolphin? If you do, how do you decorate your's?
  2. bazmaz
    My first dolphin is on its way to me. I intend minor pimping - a large UKE sticker on the back from TikiKing
  3. kalmario
    slotted head stock, spray caned the back, added a mahalo pick up, and some strap pins, not sure what to do next, maybe a hard case?

  4. Paul Cote
    Paul Cote
    I was thinking of making my black one painted like a cow! other options too.
  5. CountryMouse
    I don't have a picture up, but I got a Pink Burst Dolphin in late November, then decorated it with stickers--mostly cute mice and hearts and rainbows! I thought at first I was going to make it a Hello Kitty ukulele, but I wanted something very similar to the way I had decorated my Rock Band guitar.

    ETA: Here is where you can see my new Pink Burst Dolphin with all its stickers, around the 2 minute mark on the video:

  6. June Grey
    June Grey
    hi everyone!!!! I'm new here
    I have a makala dolphin in a very pretty pink ;D and I customize it with the decoupage technique....I'll put some picture as soon as I can connect with my mac again ;D
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