Hey, Quick question about the archtop!

  1. ShaunCammack
    Hey, I've had my Kala Archtop for about a year now, and I recently ran into an issue with my pickup... It has somehow gotten very loose, and rattle when I play. Upon closer expection, It seems the block inside the uke that the pickup is mounted on is chipping. Its really quite an annoying issue, I was wondering if anyone else has ran into this, and If they have any advice for me-Thanks!

  2. the52blues
    I had a problem with the input coming loose. Not being a repair guy I couldn't see how it would be possible to fix it since there was no sound hole to access the inside through. I wrote Mike Upton at Kala and he sent me detailed instructions on how to fix it. I'm still not a repair guy so I took it to my local guitar repair guy and he had no problem fixing it for me. The Kala people are very easy and interested to talk to their customers and give good advice on repairing them.
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