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  1. Lanikai Ukes
    Lanikai Ukes
    Greetings All,
    This is Drew Lewis the Big Kahuna of Lanikai. I must thank all of you for choosing Lanikai as your voice. I love working at Lanikai. The vibe is great, the people are friendly, and I have about 30 prototype ukes hanging in my office at any time! Does it get better?

    If you ever have any questions or concerns about your instrument feel free to contact me. I'll get you taken care of to the best of my abilities. I really want to hear about the places and experiences that you have had with our ukes. Since I started playing I have taken mine everywhere. I even have a specific "car uke". My wife wont let me have a "bathroom uke" though..... I'd let her have one.... ah well...

    So everyone I just joined up with the Underground but the response to my being here has been great. So I'm here to stay.

    Keep strumming and let everyone know that Lanikai Makes You Happy... Sorry.. I am obligated to say the slogan in every post...
  2. luvdat
    Just picked up a Lanikai LU-21TE and wish I had a lot earlier!!!

    I got it BTW at East Village Music in NYC, a place that believes in your ukuleles and says its a pleasure to work with your company.
  3. NikePenguin
    I've been enjoying my LU-21 for 3 weeks now!

    Can we send you a completed coupon from the Lanikai website to get the free t-shirt?
  4. Lanikai Ukes
    Lanikai Ukes
    You have to go to one of the Big Kahuna Dealers to get the T-Shirt. You give them the coupon and they call it in to us. We will send you one free of charge out to you. You should check out the new ad in Acoustic Guitar magazine. If you scan the QR code with your smart phone you can get a free ukulele stand. Check it out!
  5. Pondoro
    Drew I like my two Lanikai ukes a lot. I got a spruce top tenor as my 1st uke, I was such a noob that I did not realize it was larger than the more standard soprano. Played it for a month, liked it a lot, bought an LU-21 next. At this point I realized that the tenor was in perfect intonation out of the box, because it sounded better than the soprano. I had to set up the LU-21 a bit, changed the string height and compensation a little to get it to play as well as the tenor. My internet buddies coached me and I made a new bone saddle. Cost me $3 and some time and when I was done the $59 LU-21 sounded great. I am not complaining at all, I learned a lot and later had to set up a much more expensive uke.

    The LU-21 is my travel uke and has been all over the world with me. As I write this I am in Poland and the LU-21 is here as well.
  6. Grafo
    Hi all

    I've got Lanikai SMP-CCA last sunday.

    I love it.
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