what are the best strings for a dolphin?

  1. Paul Cote
    Paul Cote
    I put Martin Fluorocarbons on mine. These are the only strings I have really tried other than the ones that came on it. It is way louder with these on it than the originals and they are locally available.
  2. Paul Cote
    Paul Cote
    I have fluorocarbons on my sons dolphin and aquilas on mine. I think the fluorocarbons sound a bit cleaner than the aquilas...
  3. velofille
    Aquilas on mine, it sounds so much sweeter now with decent strings ! Also a little easier on the fingers for the kids
  4. sonicbaker
    Fremont clears on my white one, Fremont blacklines on my black one and Aquilas on my daughter's redburst. They all sound different from each other with their own personalities.
  5. strumsilly
    Worth concert? clears. sounds almost as good as a much more expensive uke.
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