Friction Tuners

  1. pdxuke
    Hey gang:

    I changed my geared for friction tuners!


    These are ping tuners from elderly--$8.95 for the set. I'd really like to find the multi colored tuners but can't find them anywhere.

    I think I'll get lady bug stickers to put over the screw holes from the geared tuners!
  2. nelly
    Do the new tuners do a better job?
  3. TheOnlyUkeThatMatters
    Oooh, cool. The tuners are the only problem with my wife and my new family Dolphin.

    Those are easy to install, right? Just turn the screw and they're on?
  4. TheOnlyUkeThatMatters
    Nevermind, my wife will not put up with any changes to our Sweetie. "I accept this uke the way she is!" she said (with a big smile on her face). Can't argue with that!
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