Whatcha Got?

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  1. cb56
    Spruce top U-Bass and a spruce top KA-STE tenor.
  2. HornedOne
    makala pineapple for now, buy I have my eyes on the kala solid mahogany tenor the flame maple tenor or the butterfly tenor xD

    so many kalas so little money :P
  3. UkeSoCrazy
    A Kala KA-ASMTE/C and a KA-UBF2.

    Edit: As of 12/16/2010 a groovy cool KA-JTE-M Tenor Archtop Jazz Ukulele!
  4. ukulily
    mahogany ka-c
    great quality for the price
  5. Zukester
    I have a beautiful electro black jazz tenor - my first and favourite uke. Everyone always wants to try him and afterwards says "hmm, I've been thinking about getting a Kala!"
  6. ADD
    My first Kala was also my first tenor, a beautiful mango from MGM. Got the Kala Acacia 6 string, slotted headstock from MGM too. It was also promptly lent out to a friend for a month who really loved it. Not enough play time to know yet how much I like it.
  7. redpaul1
    I now have the full range of Kala Travel Ukes: soprano (pegged) KA-SSTU-BP (I had the geared version, but sold it); tenor, KA-SSTU-T; and now the new (and revamped) concert, KA-SSTU-C.
    What's interesting about the new concert design is the fact that it's thinner (by about the thickness of the binding) than the soprano all the way from the base of the body to the neck and is the reinforcing plate at the neck.
    The tenor is the same thickness as the soprano at its base and tapers at the same rate as the sop, so by the time you get to the neck it's extremely thin indeed! My tenor's given way twice there.
    Be interesting to see if they redesign the tenor so that it's like a big concert rather than a big soprano.
    But I do love'em all!
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