"Ukes 4 Kids" Ukulele Donation Group

    Do you have an old ukulele you can give to "Ukes 4 Kids"? Contact me if you do. U4K will find a young person who wants to learn to play!
  2. UkuleleHill
    This is so something I have wanted to do in my head for so long but never had the resources or time to do it... I will see about drumming up money from sources I know... Come Friday I will have some funds to donate from my own pocket!

    This is an idea I had for a logo (this is just a rough rendering of what I am thinking...)

  3. deach
    Finally we can do something as a group to help some kids.

  4. ukulelemotion
    hey guys.. i plan to throw a concert during the summer to raise money for ukes for kids.. who would i need to get in contact with once i have everything figured out?
  5. -HaLF_KaST_UkE-
    GoT BoRReD anD SaW aN iDea LoGo FrOm UkuleleHill aNd MadE DiS VeRsIOn =D

  6. Link
    I will donate my old Mitchell for this cause. However, UKISociety, you know the problem I had with it. How can I get that fixed? I don't really know the first thing about fixing it. I don't think glue can fix this because the nut is actually in two pieces.
  7. Prettyshy
    I have a really cheap "cascade" (unrecognized) Superconcert uke. Its REALLY new, I bought it but I didn't like the size, But it has no strings :[
    I wonder If I could donate it..
  8. ukeshale
    as soon as i get the replacement for my ohana, i'll restring my old mahalo with aquilas and ship that out (assuming somebody wants it)
  9. Ukeffect
    I have a barely used Santini I can donate, but I saw this bunch of Makala natural finish sopranos for $24.99 ea, maybe he'd give us a deal? http://cgi.ebay.com/MAKALA-MK-S1-QUA...3A1%7C294%3A30
  10. Myala509
    That looks awesome! I was looking for something just like that ebay posting. I am planning on making a starter kit to give away. That ukulele would be perfect.
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