Narciso Lobo Fans!

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  1. Ukulelerob
    My favorite 'Seeso' moment was when we were in the bar at the after party in Milwaukee and he played "I'm a Queen" at my request. That's the latest, more to come I hope.
  2. bREAd
    Thank you for just being yourself, the things you say and do has really helped me alot, so thank you
  3. Rainhill
    Read the Capt Google collab at last - you did something special there my friend.
  4. revdrjim
    hi everyone this is my first SA meeting. my name is jim and i'm a seesoaholic. my 1st experience with seeso was on youtube and i've been reading his tab's ever since
  5. luvdat
    Fan of NL (seeso) not just for the vids, not because my wife and all my in-laws are Pinoy, but believe it or not for a simple remark seeso made that tied it all together where he praised an inexpensive uke, a Lanikai LU-21TE...that he used in a lot of vids.
  6. coolkayaker1
    Seriously, when I watched him peg that Black Crows tune, "She Talks To Angels", for Shane's Go 90s Contest on youtube--I mean note-for-note, nailed it like Dracula's coffin--I was putty. Silly putty. Pink silly putty.
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