1. cornfedgroove
    Just decided to join some groups....

    Lanikai CK-TEQ --- my first and only manufactured ukulele
  2. Lanikai Ukes
    Lanikai Ukes
    Wonderful to have you around. Welcome!
  3. Jovas P
    Jovas P
    I just joined too. Ive got a Lanikai CK-T and it is amazing!
  4. Zolton
    Me too . . The Lanikai CK - TEQ was my first serious Uke and just picked up a Lanikai LE 6E 6 string Ukulele at a good price on Ebay. Had to drop the action a tad.
    Its great for songs with lots of open strings, keys E, G, A - Chord inversions and chord building help with this baby. The wound Low A string is amazing! Anyone playing a six string Lanikai?
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