Tangi closing shop!

  1. cloudswinger
    I heard he's quitting the ukulele business. It's so sad. I love my Manini.
  2. Ahnko Honu
    Ahnko Honu
    From talking to Tangi recently he states he had to shut down his manufacturing shop in Honolulu and sell off some assets to pay off some debts but he considers this just a temporary setback. He is currently setting up a showroom to display and sell his current inventory of ukuleles. He told me he plans on setting up his new shop at new location and getting back into manufacturing in the future. I wish him all the best.
  3. dab745
    I found a post on Craig's List where he is selling inventory as well as trading for inventory.
  4. dab745
    Post is gone.
  5. The Rambling Man
    The Rambling Man
    When I saw on here that Tangi was selling off stock to pay bills I checked Craigslist and found some listings he had on there. I contacted him via email and he replied with prices on several ukes. I wish I'd been in a better position to help him out, but I was only able to purchase a "Manini" at the time.
    I stumbled across the Tangi website while searching for a "reasonably priced" 8-string baritone uke. Not many dealers sell that type of uke (at least not that I could find for under $1,000+). I emailed the Tangi website and got a reply the next day from Tangi Tully himself. He worked with me on a deal I was VERY pleased with. I am the PROUD owner of a Tangi solid mahogany 8-string baritone uke that even has my name etched into the headstock. I'm so proud of that uke that it was the one I chose to play at my wedding a year ago.
    I wish nothing but the best for Tangi Tully, and I hope he gets back into the uke trade. If he does I'm sure I'll do business with him again...
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