Pineapple's louder than "figure 8" style?

  1. blueUke
    Just curious what the Pineapple Patch thought? Which is louder, a pineapple style or figure 8 style soprano?

    Also, does anybody else have a Mainland Mango Pineapple? Mine should be here tomorrow!
  2. Uke Republic
    Uke Republic
    Larger cavity should make more sound and that seems to be the case but I have heard some loud 8 sopranos like Mainlands cedar tops. Both shapes got the volume. The mango wood is nice as well.
  3. mandrew
    I am not sure how to describe teh pineapple, other than to say that to my ear, the pineapple has a certain "ring" to it that is not as pronounced at the hourglass. it is not necessarily louder. but my ear hears a difference, one that I like!
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