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  1. the52blues
    Well, I just think girls in glasses are hot! But to also play a uke? Oh I'm hot *wink
  2. live2tivo
    I'm pretty dependent on my glasses. I used to be able to read without them, and I still can, but I rarely take them off anymore.

    I have three pairs of glasses. (Five if you count my old pair with the same prescription that I never wear anymore and my sunglasses.) My main pair are blue and brown Coke-bottles. My secondary pair are bright teal rectangular coke-bottles. My final, just for fun, pair are CAT-EYES with RHINESTONES. I got them for Christmas, and I LOVE them, but I don't wear them very often--I have to be in the right mood.

    I've been wearing glasses since 3rd grade. I'm a sophomore in college now!
  3. poopylungstuffing
    I have been wearing glasses since I was seven, and spent a lot of time "not" wearing my glasses...till I got my most recent pair and I am very dependent on I am glad that they are somewhat fashionable and also comfortable..The eye doc sez it is not the health of the eye that is the problem, it is the neuro pathways leading from my brain to my left eye that are the root of the problem...kinda scary sounding...I had one doc ask me if I ever had some sort of injury, because she could see old scar tissue way at the back of my eye, but the general consensus is that I was born this way..My left eye is very weak and my right eye is very strong. I have even contemplated getting irlen lenses to possibly help with my depth perception troubles.
    I have gone through lots and lots of pairs of glasses. I am very prone to losing and breaking them. The pair I own now is possibly my most expensive pair ever...right now I am fumbling around for my eyeglass cleaner.
  4. spacecakegirl
    One pair regular, one pair sunglasses.

    Getting glasses, for me, was awesome.

    I came back from an extended spring break my sophomore year of high school with a new haircut and glasses. I literally wasn't recognized - and that was a good thing. My middle school/early high school years were VERRRRY awkward looking. This extremely positive reaction to glasses is probably why I refuse to wear contacts and only take off my glasses to read.
  5. Sambient
    Okay, finally had to go the bifocal route. So, for now, two pairs. S'all I can afford yet.
  6. clamoring
    go to glassyeyes for great deals on glasses. I got my last couple of pairs from optical4less for less than $20 each.
  7. freckleduker
    More than 5 pairs, and 1 pair of Rx sunglasses. Gotta love (cheap Rx glasses). I change my glasses like I change my moods. I've been wearing them since I was 7 or 8. I am completely dependent on them. If I misplace them in the morning, my daughter has to help me locate them.
  8. kaizersoza
    I love girls who wear glasses hot hot hot, very sexy
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