Strings on CR tenor ukes

  1. foxfair
    Old topic, but here it goes again.... I just received my CR uke recently, it seems that Aquila strings on it but I am not a fan of Aquila. Nothing wrong just a personal preference. Just a quick question of any owner has a CR tenor longer than me: What string did you swap in the next cycle? I'm thinking about southcoastukes' light, or Worth CH-LG. I want it to be different from Koa's mellow sound.
  2. gyosh
    I don't have a Compass Rose . . . yet, but I do have a uke I built in Rick's class. When I switched out strings I tried Worth's (the hard, clear type; I don't remember the model number), and then Southcoast G650 (wound g, wound c) and the volume of the uke almost doubled. I went with the wound set because I was looking to alleviate some of the low end "boominess" in my Kamaka HF-3 and that's the set Dirk recommended. They did the trick on my Kamaka so I put them on my Turner Kit uke as well (mahogany w/ceder top). They sound great! You might also want to do a little checking into Ukulele Creation's PhD strings. They're new. I've since put those on my Kamaka and really like the balanced tone.
  3. localmana
    Hi all, I just joined the CR club today. Great Uke. I asked Rick to make me one with a Cedar top, Rosewood body and peghed tuners. I went into Rick's shop and compared the sounds on several of his ukes and the Aquillas really stood out so I got Aquillas. However, I recently strung another uke (Ohana concert with the same wood combinations of a cedar top and a rosewood body) with Worth clears (with Low G). Initially, they didn't sound as "loud" or "bright" but after playing it for awhile, I started to really like the warmer sound of the Worths. I think, side to side, the Aquillas really stand out initially but I think the Worths "grow on you." I will probably try Worths when I re-string the CR.
    Club T shirt anyone? I asked Rick to design one but I think he's got enough on his plate for now.
  4. foxfair
    +1 for T shirt if Rick(or even others) has the design and make it happen!
  5. foxfair
    Just restung with Worth CH-LGHD set, could be the same one @gyosh mentioned. Not stay in tune yet, but sound better already. I may be biased because I never like Aquila
  6. byjimini
    I've been a fan of Worth Clears since my Sceptre came strung with them, and that's what I'll put on the CR when it arrives.
  7. ukulelecowboy
    I've got Southcoast Linears on mine. I play GCEA ukes so I really like the tone and quality. Great strings.
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