My New Kala Acacia Tenor.

  1. musicmonsterw
    I ordered one of these beauties from Mim's Ukes. She sent it to me in a Uke Crazy case and with an extra set of strings. She set up the uke beautifully too. A little tuning and the uke was ready to go. It's become my favorite uke!
  2. KevinV
    Glad to hear you're digging it. I've got the same 'uke and it's my primary instrument for performing. It's got both great looks and tone, and the playability is excellent.
  3. Ukuvic12
    I am considering buying a Kala Acacia wood tenor. I currently own a Kala Concetrt (acacia wood)...just wondering if its a good idea to stay with just one brand or if I shold own different brands? any advice?
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