Well idk what level of N00b everyone is at, but I know an easy song to learn!

  1. aleksxoxo
    It's a great first song for learning chord progressions.

    It's called Surf and there's a really good video tutorial for it!

    C Am F G7 for the main parts,
    then C Am F G7 Dm(2x) G7(2x) Dm(2x) D7(1x) G7(1x)

    It was my first song, learned it very quickly
  2. glass
    Gotta try that one out. Thanks
  3. gyosh
    Do I have to paint my nails different colors?
  4. aleksxoxo
    @glass: No prob
    @gyosh: For bonus points, yes. :P
  5. RuckMonkey

    Ok. I gave it a go and I'm not really sure if I got the song right. Also, not sure what our deadline was... I apologize for the background noise. Roommate was playing Rocksmith upstairs in the loft.
  6. aleksxoxo
    RuckMonkey: That was great! Much better than when I tried

    Back then (2 weeks ago) I was terrible changing from any chord to a G chord... I can actually do it now though!
  7. barefootgypsy
    aleksxoxo thanks for the song and the tuition vid, I haven't come across that before! Just watched your vid on youtube, you're definitely getting there! Well done RuckMonkey, too! I still haven't done any videos, so you're both braver than me - but the more you go for it, the easier it gets, I'm sure! Great stuff!
  8. kirbo
    Thanks for the song. Here's my attempt.
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