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  1. keliiyama
    Aloha guys! I'm pretty stoked to have found this club. I live in Hawaii and am around ukulele literally 24/7. I have all the K brands and I have been looking a long while to getting something new. So I put my order in for a CR last November with Rick. It's kind of a weird idea I had bouncing around in my head for while. It will have a salvaged Redwood top (from fencing off of Standford University), and Cocobolo back and sides. There will be no sound hole on the sound board, but just a larger side port on the side. He also put a five bar fan-brace with his signature carbon fiber flying-buttress to help relieve tension from the top, allowing the soundboard to dance. Because there is no sound hole there is not going to be a Compass Rose rosette. And Rick is nice and agreed to put his 'Sun Lion' crest on the headstock. Finished in high gloss and antique Gotoh mahines. I don't know how this will sound play out but I hope it's awesome. Hopefully this group and keep growing and growing
  2. gyosh
    Anyone here?


  3. gyosh
    Moving from "fan" to "owner" soon. Just put in my order for a custom CR. Adi spruce top/cherry back and sides ebony fretboard. Due sometime in the fall.
  4. Caboose66
    Congrats Gyosh - I'm sure you will love it and I look forward to seeing the pictures when she shows up at your door.
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