Why do you love your dolphin?

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  1. strumsilly
    Because Georgie prefers blue.

  2. myrnaukelele
    Because it matches the walls in the room where it lives.
  3. TheCraftedCow
    Because I can afford to try out my "lack of" luthier skills. I took the tuners of a Mahalo so my lavender one has five dolphins. I drilled #73 holes so it is strung through the body rather than tied to the bridge. BIG DIFFERENCE in sound. I have put three little hearts \ on an angle as a side port. Wife is a music teacher; dau is a college piano teacher and faculty accompanist. Both say the side porting improves quantity and quality of sound. They also look nice with one of the 16 different coloured 1inch wide webbed straps I make. Putting on a button is not difficult even without a tailblock.
  4. strumsilly
    so where's the picture?
  5. bodhran
    Simply because it is a cheap way to learn to play a ukulele.
  6. Kitters
    Because it's such a care-free and happy instrument. When I play it I feel like there's no pressure, it's just for fun. I can take it anywhere and not worry about it too much. My red burst was my first ukulele and I thought I would like the more expensive ones more once I got past the beginner stage but turns out the fancy schmancy ones aren't as fun! The Dolphin is the one I pick up the most since it's there (tried keeping it in a gig bag but I always ended up leaving it lying around).
  7. jimhickeymusic
    I teach for a living and I always have strangers or new players trying out my stuff. Dolphins are durable. I have had mine for 3 years and it is chipped up but sounds great!
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