School Uke Group

  1. Zee
    Our school purchased a class set of ukes near the end of last year. This year, I've started a small uke group with some students. It's been going for about 3months now.

    I'm wondering if any of you run school groups, and if you could help me with some 'roadblocks' I've encountered...

    One issue I had was finding songs that aren't too hard, but the kids still think are 'cool'. I'm getting there slowly but surely with that one!

    Another issue is that I only have the group 'officially' for 30-40mins a week. Only a few of them own a ukulele, so often I have to re-teach chords & strums every week. This means we are moving forward painstakingly slowly.
    They can only access the music room if there's a teacher in there, so I *try* to open it up an extra lunchtime once a week, but sometimes I just can't fit it in and they lose out on practice time.

    Any suggestions??

    Thanks in advance x
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