Some Dolphins heavier than others?

  1. CountryMouse
    I just got a metallic blue one, and it feels like it's a lot heavier than my pink burst and green burst ones. I won't talk about the difference with my pearl white one because it's all-laminate-wood and the others aren't.

    Is there something new in construction of the Dolphins?

  2. PatriciaPDX
    I'm guessing that there is. I don't have an older one, both of mine purchased recently feel heavy and very solid through the neck, especially. But I remember playing several in music stores about a year ago and they didn't feel like this. I like the way they feel now, but it seems different to me, too.
  3. bnolsen
    the previous ones didn't have a plastic body? My dolphin is much heavier than my mahalo and plays more muted.
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