Low G wound strings for Kala Solid Mahogany tenor

  1. PhilUSAFRet
    Trying to decide on strings for my newer Kala solid mahogany tenor cutaway with eq. It's my "surrogate blues guitar." Thinking of the new Southcoast wound metal strings in low G. Anyone try them on a Kala solid mahogany tenor?
  2. flyingace
    I used to use Worth Browns with wound G on my Kala Acacia Tenor. I switched to Southcoast this fall and LOVE THEM. They really have changed the whole character of my uke. I went with Re-entrant high g with a wound C this time and love them, but I just ordered two sets of their "linear" strings with a flat wound G, silver wound C and two fluorocarbons for E and A. I'll tell you what I think when I get them on my new Kala Cedar Acacia Slothead Tenor.

    Also, I put the same Southcost set (high g) on my daughters oscar schmidt solid mahogany concert and they sound great too! LOUD, yet soft on fingers, no squeaking, yet mellow, sweet.

    Good luck!
  3. Captain America
    Captain America
    I like Worth browns quite a bit. I was considering the Worth clears for my La Salle tenor. So Southcoast are fluorocarbon? How do they sound for strumming?
  4. flyingace
    I really like the Southcoasts for the fact they sound good both strumming and fingerpicking. I put them on my Kala Acacia Tenor with a wound C (reentrant tuning) and they strum great with a bit of punch, yet they feel pliant and soft on the picking fingers, the tension feels lower, and when finger picking they have a poignant and sweet sound. They intonate well. I just think they are well done all around.

    I get them direct from their website and order the Medium with wound bass set. Southcoast High G Sets

    I've got two sets of their Low G strings on the way now for my Kala Cedar/Acacia Slothead tenor. I think the low g will sound really nice with that cedar top!
    Southcoast Low G Sets
    I got the medium in the low as well.
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