concert flea of concert fluke?

  1. bnolsen
    I'm considering selling either my concert flea or concert fluke, but I'm not sure which one to sell. Perhaps part of the issue is that both have stock aquilas on them. My wife says the fluke sounds more pure and my kids also seem to favor the fluke when compared side by side. From my standpoint playing them I'd like to tone down the flea a bit or try to bring out more of the treble on the fluke. I currently have on hand some oasis lights and warms, both high 'g'. Just wondering if the warms would do the trick on the flea and likewise the lights on the fluke.

    Decisions, decisions!

    Update: I decided to try to string the fluke with a 'low g' set. So the fun of trying to find a unwound single low g or low g set for a concert fluke polycarbonate!
  2. Dulcilo
    How did the low G work out?
  3. Booli
    I used to love the Aquila Nylguts, but alas, I had nothing to compare them to. I recently replaced the Aquila Nylguts on my lava concert Flea with Worth Brown Mediums low-g, and it is a world of difference in the sound. There is better note definition, about double the sustain, and now it has a more bell-like tone.

    The Aquila Nylguts I have on another uke now sound like twangy plastic to my ears. I go with low-g on all my ukes save for the soprano.
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