Love the Kala Mahogany Sopranos

  1. KevinV
    I'm fortunate enough to own a couple of Kala mahogany sopranos, the solid wood SMHS and the laminate 15-S. I love both of these ukes. They each have their own unique voice, unmistakably mahogany, and both play great.

    I'm as impressed with Kala quality today as I was a few years ago, they do a fine job making instruments. They both took very little tweaking to get them into top playing condition. The SMHS was a second as marked on the back of the headstock, and the 15-S as a blemish. The only blemish was some excess glue on the side that came off with a fingernail.

    Now I just need to get a good soprano case so I can tote them more safely than in a backpack.
  2. Hammond
    Great to hear that you have a couple of nice ones there Kala does fine job to manage the factory production line up to certain quality level.

    I love my KA-GATE too which is an acacia cutaway tenor that they don't make anymore. I did some modifications on it such as replace the original shadow pickup with K&K twins, made a side sound port at the location of the removed pickup control panel.

    What kind of case are you looking for? I use some inexpensive glass fiber case from China, they are far not as good as the ones selling by HMS, but much lower price.

    Enjoy strumming!
  3. KevinV
    I just pulled up some pics of your uke…that's a nice looking instrument. Kala uses some nice looking acacia. Do you use the cutaway much? Do you find with it there that you spend more time up the fretboard?

    I've got a Kala KA-ASAC-T that I bought from MGM a few years ago. I installed a MI-SI pickup system in it and ran it straight into the PA. It was my primary gigging instrument with my band for a year and I never had a single problem with it. That's one uke that will never leave my collection.

    I haven't decided on a case yet. My preference would be for a very well padded gig bag. I prefer a hard case for my tenors, but for the soprano I like gig bags. Any ideas on a good one?
  4. Hammond
    I find the cutaway design is useful to me sometimes, but not necessary.

    The ASAC-T model has so many positive reviews, it is sure a very nice one.

    For the cases, I am not sure in your living area. Sorry. I've heard Mono & Reunion Blues are good, but also expensive and not available in where I live.

    I have:
    1) very bulky & strong protection UkeCrazy hard foam case;
    2) aNueNue custom bag with enough padding, simple and not expensive;
    3) cheap glass fiber case which is light, strong, look fancy, but poor quality.

    I like the aNueNue custom bag. All these are available in my area for reasonable price (around USD $25~$35, glass fiber case is about USD $70)
  5. KevinV
    I ended up going with a hard case for the soprano. I couldn't find a gig bag that I liked the looks of and the hard case seems quite nice. I'm sure it will do just fine.
  6. Hammond
    Hard case provide great protection and usually look nice Glad that you've got the case for the soprano. Ukulele lovers always treat the ukes nicely

  7. Hammond
    Oh Kevin, I have just found out you are one of the Kala owners dressed up their uke to make it glossy. As you have seen some of my uke's pictures, you may notice I have done the same. I am curious the original satin finish on your ukulele was open pore or not? Because mine has open pore finish, when it turned into glossy the pores still there.
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