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  1. Kayak Jim
    Kayak Jim
    I haven't given up entirely but it sounds like a few of us are disappointed in this material to varying degrees. Of 45 ratings on amazon, 35 are 4 or 5 stars. I suggest writing a review reflecting your thoughts to help guide others. At least these books are all under $20 so we can try a few and see which better fit our needs and style.
  2. KevinV
    I'm not giving up on it. It may not be the best book out there, but I'm learning and my knowledge of the fretboard has improved. There's not really anything on technique in the book, but I'm picking that up from the Ukulele Aerobics workbook.

    After years of trying out different books for guitar and not making the progress I wanted, I came to realize it was me, and not the books. It takes work, real work to make progress and get better. If a book can show me something I don't know and I can muster the discipline to work through it, I grow as a musician. It's the same with the uke. I'm not a prodigy and everything I learn takes a lot of work. I understand that now and know that my limitations lie with me and not with the material I'm studying. YMMV.
  3. JamieWG
    I am finding that for me, the order in which the material is laid out does not work. Also, lots of moveable chord forms that I depend on are not included, so those forms don't fit into the sequences he provides. IMO, laying out the chords just isn't enough. The book should really be about 500 pages, filled with tunes and exercises to integrate the material. In a way, it is like learning to read, write, understand, and speak English by reading the dictionary. The truth is, it takes many different types of drills and practice materials to understand and speak English. I will probably revisit the book at some point down the road, but it doesn't seem to be a good fit with the way I get around the fingerboard these days.
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